I am an adventurer, an entrepreneur, a geek, wine-lover, and fairly well balanced gal that continues to seek out and enjoy positive people and experiences.

I like to challenge both sides of my brain.

The left side of the brain:

..by teaching technology courses, providing private instruction on how to leverage technologies, and helping people and their companies plan strategies to get the most out of the web.

My company is Karmoxie, LLC and I work with other technology providers and training companies to do this.

The right side of the brain:

…is happy with my work in the wine industry, meeting good people to share wine and conversation with, and teaching others not to be intimidated by wine. GrapeThoughts.com is a current work in progress – and is a source for public wine events, a place to request the planning of a private wine events, and a place to find fun wine toys.

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  1. DrNothing

    Holy Zod, thanks so much for this great wealth of Holzerisms! Bookmarked immediately! I love Jenny! I was lucky enough to hear her speak at a gallery show in Fort Worth back in the 90’s. She’s one of my favorite artists! Thanks again. 😉


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