Beef Malbec, Biking, and Birdie

This weekend is about planning out projects for Karmoxie and Grape Thoughts.

I took a break to go to meet Adam at a friend’s birthday party. Birdie (the cat) was nowhere to be found, so I left assuming she was upstairs.
As I backed out of my driveway, I saw her shoot out of the garage!

Well she took off like mad, and there was no chasing her. :(
Adam said to crack the garage door and I could check back tonight.

Arrived at birthday party at same time as he did.
Good friends, good beer, good pinball. Yum!

Support mission, via bikes. 2 tandems and 4 soloists (one in a short skirt and cute argyle socks) rode through Lawrenceville to check up on our dear friend
working security – somewhere I will not share. A bit out of character for this sweet lovin gal, and we rode to show our support.

Me, in a dress, and a full face helmet, and sandals – on the back of a tandem with my awesome boyfriend who I trust immensely.
Hard to keep my dress down, and I’m sure that, as well as the variety of expressive individuals, as well as colorful and even strobe light
blinking light bikes, and our caravan of bike,  were the reason for some cheers.

Got to see our lovely friend, and explore an abandoned building which may or may have not once produced something we may have or may have not ingested.

I admit I was antsy and eager for the ride back. The beers were kicking in. No dinner!

Adam and I pushed hard, and I LIKED IT! I am so anxious to kick back on the bike more often, shed about 30 pounds, and feel more energetic.
We got up this steep hill, that almost exactly 1 year ago I also rode up at 1am due to a navigational error. I had not made it up that time – but I did this time!
Did I mention the immense crush I have on my awesome boyfriend?

So, I left to check up on the cat situation. Luckily she was waiting for me. I pulled into the garage and when I came out, she let me approach her.
She was about to take off, so I grabbed her and suffered a nice bloody gash for it. But hey – she is indoors now, no worries.

My tummy rumbled and I called my chef boyfriend, asking how to best prepare the leftover meat in the fridge.
After being given solid info, I was sauteing onions, garlic, portabelo mushrooms and beef, adding red wine – Mmmm, had
to open the Malbec I’d been saving. 2008 Gascon from Argentina. It was amazingly smooth yet complex – right out of the bottle. No need to decant.
Great berry aromas and flavors, and just a touch of chocolate.

So, I cook it up, and tell Adam, its kind of chewy and crunchy.

Well, I had used the scraps he had saved to make dog food! UGH!

Luckily I had enough portabelo, onions, etc, to start again, this time with flank steak.

OMG. I sat down at the computer, tasting the yummy flavors, and thinking of what I would call this.
Adam had made Beef burgundy earlier this week, maybe this would be Beef Malbec.  I thought to myself,
whatever it is – it is beefy goodness.

Just then, Firefox finished loading, and so did my Scrabble game.

The word played at the top of the screen across the middle triple?


YUM….Synchronicities, yummy food, positive thoughts, and the glow of being in love with someone awesome.

Im so happy.

Back to paperwork, but a very nice reprieve after working constantly for last couple of weeks.

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