Big News. Balance and Seeing things differently.

It’s been a long week of working til 3:30am, 4am, 5am, and then staying up and intensely working for 36 hours.

Much going on.

I’ve been chosen to be an author of a technical course that I currently teach.

I recently joined a company as the Vice President of Operations

Please check out the site and spread the word. :)

Needing balance, I am getting away from the computer to work on preparations for Frostburn, Pittsburgh’s Regional Burning Man event.

Adam and I worked on our camp for Frostburn today. A nice break from sitting at my desk, but realizing I really need to get back in shape! I am exhausted!

We worked on a very difficult project together. Building our dome.

We had already cut and color-coded the length of our conduit.

First we built the floor. Pallets and plywood.


Then came the relationship test. Building the dome.  Here is the diagram.
Many thanks to the folks at for the plan.


We passed the test. We are still talking. :)

It was revealing. I was focused on following the directions, and laying out pieces as Adam built.
He was recognizing patterns and wanting to move forward, before I was ready.

:) – just now, he reminded me that I had the bottom layer pieces laid out in a circle and was trying to reconcile them with the directions.
He knew what I laid out wasn’t big enough. I knew it too, and it is not that I didn’t trust him to start moving them, I just wanted to be sure I understood how to read the directions.

So, we are not alike in all ways, but that makes things more interesting. And balanced.

So, here it is in process:


And our big blue tarp.

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