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How I survived Carbon Monoxide poisoning

This is my yearly reminder for others to get a CO detector.

I survived Carbon Monoxide poisoning in 2005 – and it was extremely lucky as I did NOT have a CO detector.

It started with me feeling extremely drained and tired. This was over some period of time. I recall being out, and feeling energetic. I was excited to go home and get a lot of things done. But when I returned, I just couldnt move. I layed on my bed and felt ill. Super tired, and stomach nauseated but I really didnt feel like I was sick with the flu.

A friend called and I said, “I think I have carbon monoxide poisoning”.

I guess it was my experience in college working for two gas detection companies which left me with enough sense to know that the signs were there. My friend screamed at me to get up and open a window. I slept that night with the window open even though it was January 9th and very cold outside.

The next day I went to work and was falling over sideways and bumping into things. After work I drove to the hardware store and could not keep in my lane.

When I got the detector, I called my friends who lived down the street to talk to me as I entered the house.

It went off as soon as I put the batteries in. I tried to reset to be sure it wasn’t just a first time use thing, but it kept going off.

I walked down the hill to my friends’ house, and I was almost falling down as if I just drank ten shots. I guess college was good for more than just the co-ops, so that I could make this analogy. But I could hold my own back then, and I was sober, so I knew something was definitely wrong.

When I got to their house my speech was slurred and I wasn’t using the correct words.

My friend went up and the detector was indeed going off, it wasnt just my fumbling with it. They called the firestation, and took me back up to meet the firemen.

The chief was a childhood friend and he had a detector that he was using to go through the house.

In the meantime, the paramedics came and my oxygen level was lower than it should be. 91 I think? (meanwhile, I had been out of the house all day at work and had just returned to try out the co detector.)

While I was taken by ambulance, the gas company and firemen found my furnace had a cracked heat exchanger.

I was extremely luck, please, if you do not have a CO Detector go and get one.
List of CO Detectors on Amazon

I send this out yearly to try and warn and help others.
One year someone wrote back and said, please do not send me spam.
When I replied that this actually happened to me, Judy Herilla (Lipinski) then they took it seriously.

I will not stop.
Last year, two people wrote back to let me know how they had gotten detectors and were saved.

PLEASE. If you do not have a Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector – GET ONE.

This isnt just for those of us in winter climates, and not just for old appliances.

There are lots of sources of CO:
Brand new houses, anything gas, including furnaces, stoves, water heaters, connected garages, living in a house connecting to another.

And if you have one – change the batteries. If you think they are still good you can use them elsewhere.
Its not a life threatening situation if they run out of juice in your toys.

Beware unnecessary towing of Toyota Prius – Dealing with Alamo

So, Im in Sunny California and you would think I should only be happy.
If this helps ONE person save money by not having their Toyota Prius towed unnecessarily, it will be worth it.

Well, let me tell you whats got a thorn in my side.

I rented a car from San Francisco Alamo on August 28th.
Immediately, I was getting lights saying that the car needed Oil Maintenance, and I also discovered that the second cigarette lighter outlet did not work. So, no iPod and Navigation system at the same time.

I called Alamo Roadside assistance and they said to take the car to any Firestone or Goodyear.
I took it to the Firestone in Reno who confirmed they have an account with Alamo.
After waiting for 30 minutes, I was told that it would take many hours to perform the diagnostics and change the oil. I asked them to just check the outlet, and when they called Alamo, were told they could not get approval to work on the car for two days.

Okay – so I decided to forget about it. I was going out of MY way to help them maintain THEIR vehicle, and ended up wasting MY time.

So, I head to the desert. I try to leave on Sunday, September 5th. All I want is an Indian Taco, a nice hot shower, and to prepare for a week of interviews with winery owners.

I back up the car, all is well.
I get out to hug my campmates good-bye, and get back in. The car refuses to start.

The first message was, move car to flat surface and depress the emergency brake completely.
Two things – it was already ON a flat surface, AND the thing didnt start so i could not move it.

Then, a new message appeared. It would flash, and was hard to catch.
Looking it up in the manual, it was the “Immobilizer System activated”

The manual went on to say that the car needed to be towed to a Toyota dealership, that the fob was no longer being recognized as belonging to the car, either because it was brought in contact with another fob, or metal.


So, I called roadside assistance. This was not an easy feat – I was in the middle of the desert.

Luckily, someone had a satellite phone. This costs $1.50 per minute.

So, I get a hold of someone, relay to him the indicator message, and he says, Yes, you MUST have it towed to a Toyota dealership. He is able to send a tow truck, but needs an exact address.

I explain to him that I am on a satellite phone, in the middle of a desert, in a dust storm, and that the window is stuck in a down position since the car will not power up. I give him exact directions on how to get to my location. He tells, me, No, I need an address.

He starts asking me if I passed such and such street. I explain again that I am in the middle of the desert, exactly how to get to me, that I am on an expensive satellite phone, that the sun has gone down, and I am cold. He keeps asking me about streets, wasting my time.

He says he must be able to see the location on Google Maps in order to send a tow truck. He also explains that the tow truck will take 4 hours to get to me. So? Im STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT.

I tell him, if he has Google Maps, he can go to a web address and get my location. He says he is unable to do so, and for me to call the police to find out my exact location.

The end result, $40 cash being paid to the owner of the satellite phone, and NO HELP WHATSOEVER from roadside assistance. He told me I would be reimbursed if I found a tow.
He did say he would arrange for a rental car to be available in Reno and gave me the number to call once I had gotten the car towed there.

SO…after 6 hours of having the car stuck in duststorms with the window down, I was able to get a tow.

We get towed about 2 miles, and the driver is told by another tow truck driver, have you checked the rear battery? Rear battery???

They jump said rear battery and the car starts.

Had roadside assistance, or any of the websites that I searched known this, I would not have been stuck all day in the desert.

If you ever get these messages, try jumping the rear battery of your Toyota Prius.

So, we drive all night long to get to Reno. Exhausted. Sleep in the car. Uncomfortable. And no Indian Tacos.

I call Reno Airport Alamo and am told by a nice woman that we will be taken care of, to bring the car in for an exchange and she would adjust the contract. I tell her we are exhausted, and can we bring it in the next day. She says yes.

So, we stay with a friend in Reno, and the next day go to the airport. Bikram listens to our story and says that he will exchange the car, but cannot adjust the contract without his managers approval.
We go to the car, and manager Robin Moon looks briefly inside the vehicle and says that we are being charged $250 for the dust in the car. I explain again the situation with the window being stuck down and the dust storm, but no sympathy.

After continued pleas, and crying, we are told the cleaning fee will be $50 – and will be added to the contract, but will not be deducted until the car contract gets settled in San Francisco, that she cannot make any adjustments.

She said that the fact that someone told me when I called that things would be taken care of meant nothing. That half the time when you call, you get someone from out of state. It seemed a negative to me that I would be getting different points of view and that different locations or people would be giving me different information.

Bikram assures us the $50 will not be charged, and that San Francisco Alamo will take care of us and the contract based upon our troubles.

The card they have on file emails me when I am charged anything. Interesting…I was charged $50 by Alamo the next day.

Im in the middle of interviewing winery owners for and it is not convenient to get myself to the airport at this point to deal with the situation.

I hope to post an update soon that ends this story on a good note.

Write to us at Burning Man!

Ah – I have been very busy at work and not much time to write.

Taking a much appreciated time off with Adam and headed to Burning Man, and then touring San Francisco for a bit.

If you are so inclined, you can brighten an already sunny day for us by writing to us in the desert. It really is nice to get away from technology for the week, and go old school.

Probably would need to write it by Tuesday or Wednesday me thinks…

KGB & Adam Lipinski
Liquid Latex Lounge
4:00 and D
Burning Man
Gerlach, NV 89412

Do something nice on 6/19

I posted on Facebook that all I wanted for my birthday was for people to go out and do something nice for someone else.

People wish for world peace, and that’s great – but you got to take some steps. I thought about “Pay It Forward” and how that was a great movie.

So…if you were one of the people who did something nice on 6/19 in honor of my birthday – or even mistaking the Facebook share as one of your friend’s birthdays – please post what you did here. (on my blog – which is if you are reading this on the Facebook feed) THANKS!

Belated do-good-deeds are appreciated too!

I had kind of a crappy day – although there were some nice highlights. One thing that made me smile was hearing from people about the things that they were doing.

Some said “Keep this Private” and they dont like to get recognized for their good deeds.Please consider posting to my blog anyway – some of the stories are inspirational, and even though some people say – but I’m nice every day – it showed there are opportunities to stretch ourselves.

So, my personal, do something nice – I was contacted by a client that a non-profit needed help with their WordPress that had stopped working when they moved from one server to another.  Even though I had promised my fiance “no more free work”, it seemed like a perfect opportunity and a good cause.

On behalf of the whole Alliance Guinea team and all our friends in Guinea – THANK YOU!!! These elections are truly historic and we so greatly appreciate your assistance for the very modest little contribution our group’s trying to make to help them be as free and fair as possible.

Happiest of birthdays to you and enjoy settling in to your new home!

with sincere appreciation,

My NYC Amazing Race like lunchhour

So, Im auditing a class in NYC that I will be teaching.

I realized near 10am that there was an issue with my checking accoutn and I get it taken care of ASAP.

I called the branch and was told I could not handle it over the phone and needed to go into a branch.
After searching Google for directions, I saw I could take the metro and be ther in 15 minutes.

I forgot to change into my tennis shoes, and found myself 5 minutes later walking from 1 NYC Plaza to Bowlin Green station and jumping on a 5 train.

My lunch route

My lunch route

I got my metro pass – decided to get the unlimited pass, since I am meeting friends and also want to checkout The Moth on Thursday. I also like getting an unlimited pass, because event though I have done the subways of NYC, DC, London, Beijing, France, Moscow, and some other places Im forgetting right now – I invariably end up in the wrong direction, and its nice to not worry.

Case in point – I got the pass and went to get in the train, but there was no #5 – i had entered Whitehall on accident. I reemerged, and it took a while to get my bearings. Every time I come out of the subway, it’s like I transported to another dimension.

So finally on the #5 I was headed towards Grand Central to board a #6. Ah, what;s tis, I can get a 6 sooner than that? I jumped the train to board a 6, only to find it was a local. My 15 minuite trip turned into 30 minutes.

I got out, had no clue where I was, and took in my surroundings.  My handwritten note stopped here – I had neglected to write down the address of the bank. But I knew it was on Park Ave.

A nice looking double-tree was there so I used my mad skillz to go in, and ask the concierge. She found it for me, and gave me directions on how to get there. I saw a Chase where I thought PNC should be, and went inside to ask. Here the address I was looking for was theirs. “Looking for PNC?”    Yet another issue with their site. Lovely. (i had been fighting issues since August, and finally got online access since they bought National).  I called a guy I know on the inside, and he once again regained my faith in this bank by initiating the transfer.

I got lunch from a van – gyros!  No signs, no prices. I asked him what they had and he replied warmly – anything you want, $5.  He suggested the salad with lamb and chicken and I went for it. It seemed to be family run and the young guy was really friendly.  I had some of the white sauce, his mom made it afterall, and just had a really nice exchange with him, and the lady in line.

I walked toward the metro, and realized mysuit skirt was all twisted around. What did I care, id never run into ANYONE I knew, and I really was not trying to make an impression. I thought of hwo at peace i felt. I really enjoy being in NYC.

I made it back to the metro, and jumped on the number 6. There was a woman Hari krishna, and I smiled warmly at her.  I wanted to tell talk to her, and tell her about the great time i had on different occasions hanging out with Hari Kirshnas, once in Pittsburgh in a sweat lodge my friend built, and the other time in the desert doing dishes with them and feeding the masses. But I was shy, and she got off at the next stop.

I found a seat to sit and eat my lunch. I dropped my purse and someone picked it up for me, I hadnt even noticed. I was on another 6 local – and asked the woman next to me if I could grab an express somewhere. We chatted. She was really nice.  Worked in advertising. Im listening t a podcast on advertising, and told her about a book I had heard about that I found very fascinating: Fascinate – how the meanign of the word used to mean what we were instinctively drawn to – but now advertising has changed that. check it out – short quiz.

She said I could take the next train when we stopped. I said goodbye, jumped out went across and it was not a 6.
I asked others and they said no, I asked for trains that could get to the station by the Ferry, they said no. So the 6 I came from was still waiting so I jumped back on. The woman and everyone else insisted, I should have taken that train. It was a 5. Oh well, it was interesting hwo it turned into a group effort to get me where I needed to be.

Well, she got off, and then everyone kept telling me which stop to get off and was extremely friendly.  One of the women told me I should wrap my purse around my arm so I didn’t lose it, since I had dropped it before. I shared with her how I had my purse stolen the very first time I was in NYC.  It was funny, an older couple got off at my station and were telling me where to go. In a nice friendly way, not like the sterotypical New Yorker in movies, etc.  I was late getting back to class, but could not wipe the big smile off my face.