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Dealing with a miscarriage

Haven’t posted in a long time and thought i was a bit overdue.

So we had a baby on the way. Due date would have been July 2014.

We didnt hear a heartbeat at the first appointment. Told not to worry and we’d wait til next appointment. I still had a bit of morning sickness, really just a bit of gagginess.
Both of us were so good at taking our vitamins. Stress was being eliminated work-wise.
We were really getting ready to nest.

Then the second appointment, 13 weeks in, still no heartbeat. We went for a sonogram and
everything was there, placenta, egg sack. Just no baby. Apparently it had been reabsorbed.

At first I think Adam had hoped it was just hard to see but I knew, and when the technician went to get the doctor, I started crying.

Almost immediately I thought how am going to try again and really be healthier this time. I started taking some strides towards this already, but really want to minimize my stress as much as possible and to be healthier.

During my pregnancy, I had so little energy. And I hear this is normal, and that walking can help. I hope that there will be a next time, and i will already be back to regular exercise.

I also thought how am I going to tell people, after being so excited?
I had read how some people don’t announce their pregnancy until after X weeks. I decided to go with the way of thinking – share the joy when you have it. So many people new we were expecting. Anyway I was at 13, i thought it was safe anyway.

So we called family first, and then I posted on Facebook. It was really amazing the outpouring of love from friends. And although I was still very sad, and it doesn’t make the sadness go away, it was somehow comforting to find out how COMMON this is, and that many people I knew had miscarriages and went on to have a few kids after.

Its been tough. Had to say No to certain work projects and felt like a loser for not being able to get it all done.

Emotions were up and down. Honestly, I didnt even think of using essential oils until reminded by my friend. Clary Calm had an almost immediate effect on my well being and I woke up to the fact that I was being really hard on myself.

So not doing that anymore, thinking positive and taking things one day at a time.

WTF? 11/26/2006

Cleaning up PC before decommissioning.


Found this file, named wtf.txt

Forgetting her defiance to her father, and her brother Guido would be looking for her, she broke away from the crowd as she sprinted towards the finish line.

This was from a dream where I had to write a sentence. Then I was dreaming about this chiquita with short dark hair who was very cool. I think she was based on the character from Stranger Than Fiction.

WTF indeed!


I thought I was stalkable…

I turned off my gas in May. Thought I would have sold my house by now.

Fear of freezing pipes, I called the gas company.

Apparently I owed a balance.

I told them I had forwarded my mail, but never received anything.

“We tracked you down to Bloomington, Illinois”.

I have never lived in Illinois, and isn’t that Indiana?

I Googled my name, and no cross reference to Illinois.

I tried to help the woman later and asked, how did you track me down there?

“We paid a company, and that is what they gave us.”

Could have taken her all of 3 seconds to search me on Google.

I shared that nicely, including the fact we got married and it was on the news.

(Most publicized non-celebrity wedding – but I held back that info…).

She snapped at me:

“That would be your married name. “

I explained that both of our names were listed.

In the end, it turns out she didnt care for my advice, and didnt care her company was paying another company to do shitty work.

Hope she is able to make a better day for herself.

So stalkers unite! Open up a business – I’m sure you can do better than whatever company TW Philips is paying.

It is with great sadness…

…that I must announce the following terminal diagnosis.

Unfortunately it has taken me longer than it should have to remember that life is just better when balanced.

I had become too focused on work the last 6 months, and although I “tried” I did not take time to exercise. That is the sad part, the forgetting part.

Now for the joyous, excited, currently powered-by-endorphins part…


So, it is with great EXCITEMENT that I announce the future fatality and obliteration of the added weight since I had broken my ankle, and the extra European calories that have been hiding out. Prepare to be annihilated.

Sardines, and just a couple of things…

Well, I suppose i need to update this blog page since I am now Judy Lipinski.

The TSA agent was the first one to say it officially, I remarked on this, how most people assume Miss, and he replied he has to observe these things and he saw my wedding ring.

I just took a snack break. Im finishing a huge project I have been working on for months related to Project Management.

I had sardines and crackers in honor of dear old dad. And a stipend for another client in which I need receipts, so I splurged and went to Whole Paycheck.

I wish he were still alive, Id fill my suitcase with these lush sardines packed in lemon infused oil. He would probably scoff at the Pecan Crisps that pass for crackers.
Goodness, I miss him and is cantankerous ways.

I have been working my ass off this year. And now I can say that literally.

Before I start my 18+ hour days, I have been playing Wii Fit, drinking protein smoothies, and trying to get sleep when I can.

I am super excited about the work, but am looking forward to vacation – Burning Man in THREE WEEKS!!!

I cannot dye my hair purple this year – because I am leaving to come back early to teach in NYC.  Yes, cutting my vacation short.

Then it will be off to London. And probably not taking much extended time as we did last year for our pre-honeymoon. I still woudl like to take in sites in Scotland and Ireland.

October is filling up now.

I finally feel relatively comfortable with security of Karmoxie. Too bad self health insurance is so expensive. I have been flirting with the idea of going full-time somewhere else, but at this rte, I think I can afford medical costs to have a baby next year? and any other shenanigans my husband and I get into. We are accident prone, as you may know.

This was to be the year of catching up with friends and although it is only happened a couple of times, I cherish it, and look forward to more.

ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN is right around the corner!


Peeps are coming in from around the country. Now just to get the canucks and euros to show up…

Much love to all, be good to all we meet, they may be having a shitty day and you can be that ray of sunshine