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My Goals

Hey My Surprise Birthday Party is now Public! What will you do?

The idea is yes, Im taking my birthday as an opportunity to ask you for something.

Surprise me….with something that you do FOR YOU.

This is VIRTUAL people no excuses.
The location is Earth – you can all make it.

The idea is, that YOU, do something on June 19th, that you have been putting off, and then tell me about it. Privately, or if you wish you can post here.

Ive been doing a few of these lately and it has made me feel really, really good.

So, you know what that means to you.

Also, if you feel inspired to do something new, and you tell yourself, nah i dont have the _________ ($, resources, creativity, time, courage) – then PLEASE try and do that.

Inspiration to me is spiritual, and you shouldnt let those opportunities go by.

So please, honor yourself.

I will be in Arizona on this day, and I return Friday.

If you would like to do something in person, well, I will be in Arizona. BUT…maybe we can meet in Pittsburgh/Swissvale on Sunday or you can contact Adam about what we might do.

P.S. If you feel really stuck, Im working on a community sourced art project, so remind me to hit you up an dask for your help with that.  Literally would take as little as 30 seconds of your time, unless you feel compelled to do more.

It is with great sadness…

…that I must announce the following terminal diagnosis.

Unfortunately it has taken me longer than it should have to remember that life is just better when balanced.

I had become too focused on work the last 6 months, and although I “tried” I did not take time to exercise. That is the sad part, the forgetting part.

Now for the joyous, excited, currently powered-by-endorphins part…


So, it is with great EXCITEMENT that I announce the future fatality and obliteration of the added weight since I had broken my ankle, and the extra European calories that have been hiding out. Prepare to be annihilated.


That is the sound of time passing by.

I have been absorbed by getting Karmoxie and Grape Thoughts moving forward, and the last 3 years have flown by.

There have been highs, there have been lows.

Two of the lowest things are:

1. my good friend passed away two weeks ago in an accident. It was very sad, and I have been trying to spend 2011 catching up with friends, but Laura and I had not gotten to see each other in a good many months.  I was just thinking of trying to get together. From now on, no delays.

2. I gained 40 pounds. WTF? It almost seems overnight, but it really had taken some time. Breaking my ankle didnt help. I am on Day 7 in a row of workign out, and today I started the Smoothie Shakedown.  I have a wine tasting event Tuesday but will go light on it. I really like using Ann Louise Gittleman’s advice.  I think my liver is not healthy, so Im not only eating right, but detoxing, and trying to give it a break.

Anyway, as the 89 year old custodian of the Rachel Casron Homestead told me – you get one body and one mind, take care of them.

Do something nice on 6/19

I posted on Facebook that all I wanted for my birthday was for people to go out and do something nice for someone else.

People wish for world peace, and that’s great – but you got to take some steps. I thought about “Pay It Forward” and how that was a great movie.

So…if you were one of the people who did something nice on 6/19 in honor of my birthday – or even mistaking the Facebook share as one of your friend’s birthdays – please post what you did here. (on my blog – which is if you are reading this on the Facebook feed) THANKS!

Belated do-good-deeds are appreciated too!

I had kind of a crappy day – although there were some nice highlights. One thing that made me smile was hearing from people about the things that they were doing.

Some said “Keep this Private” and they dont like to get recognized for their good deeds.Please consider posting to my blog anyway – some of the stories are inspirational, and even though some people say – but I’m nice every day – it showed there are opportunities to stretch ourselves.

So, my personal, do something nice – I was contacted by a client that a non-profit needed help with their WordPress that had stopped working when they moved from one server to another.  Even though I had promised my fiance “no more free work”, it seemed like a perfect opportunity and a good cause.

On behalf of the whole Alliance Guinea team and all our friends in Guinea – THANK YOU!!! These elections are truly historic and we so greatly appreciate your assistance for the very modest little contribution our group’s trying to make to help them be as free and fair as possible.

Happiest of birthdays to you and enjoy settling in to your new home!

with sincere appreciation,