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Facebook quizzes that suck

I detest Facebook quizzes.

I just got a notice my cousin said something about me. I was curious so I clicked it.

You have to answer questions about your friends BEFORE you find out what people said.

Its been a long work day – so I indulged.

Stupid stupid questions.  I had to skip many.

I mean come on, do I really want to answer if I think that my boyfriend's mom ever gave someone a Dutch Oven?

Do you think X iscute. Would Y fart in public. Jeesh!

So finally I was able to answer 25 questions.   

Then, it brings up the questions people were asked about me, and what their answers are.

Then you find out you need 25 magic coins to see who worte what.

Nothing too shocking with the answers people have given, except WHO THINKS I AM MATERIALISTIC?


Why I am not on Plaxo anymore

Everyday I would receive messages such as tomorrow is ____’s birthday!

Where the blank was filled in with a generic name such as John, Mary, Jim, etc.

Which John, Mary, Nancy or Jim I wondered?

So I would click the link, only to find it was someone I was not connected to, and therefore had no way of figuring out who they were, just a simple, first name.   Sometimes there might be an email, and I would search through my Google emails that span the last several years, but alas, no, no record of ever having communicated with them.

So, where were these coming from?

I emailed Plaxo and said I wanted the emails regarding people I didnt know to stop.
They sent me an email that said to click on my email settings, and disable all emails.

I responded that it could potentially be helpful to see that someone I AM connected to had a birthday,
but that whoever these people are that I didnt know, I wanted THAT to end. I suggested that maybe when I had supplied my Google user/pass that they grabbed everyone from my contacts. Google had (and may still) keep a record of everyone you have ever been cc’d on an email with you. Even SPAM mails.

Plaxo got back to me saying that they will pass this on to the developers who may include this in the next revision, 3.0.

Interesting that the developers get to make the decisions, but they lost my membership.

What was there business model anyway?  To get you to pay for ecards to people you dont know?

With all of the other social networking, Facebook being my favorite to keep in touch with people I actually DO know, I see no reason why anyone would be using Plaxo.