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YUM – story of my dinner

red curry catfish & apple cider vinegar greenshere’s how this dish came to be…

1.    ask hotel desk guy for key to room since i lost it, he gives me 2 and says to keep 1 in car and one with me. i explain im checking out in the morning, and wont have time to lose it again.
2.    change for gym, grab my bottle for water
3.    grabbed ipod and got in car to drive 2.5 mile to Gold’s gym from hotel
4.    listened to Lynn Rossetta Casper – Splendid Table on ride over about Mexico’s food history. Another reason to honeymoon there. need to decide.
5.    realize gym is next to place i had sushi last night, but i resisted returning for fresh wasabi (mmm)
6.    Get inside gym and realize I don’t have the pass from the hotel
7.    Again, ignore sushi and get back to hotel
8.    As Lynn talks of Mexico – i see a MEXICAN restaurant, am tempted but ignore it
10.    decide to work out in room but first to cook some catfish
11.    bit of olive oil in 1 pan for fish,   and apple cider vinegar in another for greens
12.    Smoke FILLS the hotel suite and i wonder if the alarm will go off
13.    it doesn’t. i add the greens which stops the smoke in that pan
14.    decide to add lemon zest since Lynn’s guest is talking about lemons
15.    after lowering heat, i place the fish which is smeared with oil, and has a generous smearing of red curry
16.    get the fish going nice and well, then use the only small lid available to cover the fish
17.    go out to the car to get my bottle to make cranberry juice
18.    realize i have just locked myself out of the suite
19.    drive frantically over to the office to get another key – and hopefully sop the fish form burning down the hotel room
20.    get back to a nicely blackened catfish and yummy greens
21.    as i write this the ingredients in stump the chef include COLLARD GREENS

Thank you, New York…

Life has been totally hectic with wedding planning, home remodeling, project work, web promotions, wine tastings, honeymoon choosing…

Its been hard to take time for myself, but my friend Laurie said I needed to, and we were talking about this recently and writing.

I have code I could be writing, wine blogs I could be writing, but Im taking the night off.

Instead I just wanted to share how today went.

Left Pgh at 5am to get to NYC financial district and setup my classroom for a CSS class.

My room wasnt ready but that was okay because I relaxed and had coffee and breakfast.

Hotel is far from work, but I was happy because my ankle is healed.

I took a break to head uptown and see Samir’s truck for the first time.

The most amazing Moroccon / Mediterranean food in New York City!!!

Seriously, cous cous with amazing chicken and meat, a butternut squash soup, and Morrocon mint tea.

I am so excited for my friend Samir! Not only is he following his passion, but people of New York are getting to meet and be near this wonderful spirit!

Seeing him made my heart smile.

He is set up near Lexington and 56th, if you are in New York City. This just so happens to be near a Sephora’s.

I went in. My skin is so dry and itchy, I needed some pampering.
I got a moisturizer and a mini roll-on of vanilla-coconut perfume.

This really sweet Puertorican person helped me.  He/she was extremely sweet and sincere.

They shared a natural product with me that they use because they “have to shave”.
Funny, I realy dont know what this person’s situation was,  and it really didnt matter.

They just were nice and pampered me a bit. So much better than the last time I spent time in NYC, and an
accupuncturist/medical doctor made me super uncomfortable.

It was actually nice to hang out for a bit with this person and not feel threatened.
I also got some foundation and a bronzer that they also use.

When I left the store a constructor worker holla holla’d at me. (is that how you say it?)
I ignored him but it kinda was nice. I have felt so bleh lately.

On the subway on the way home, someone had a bag from Costa Rica. A destination we are considering,
maybe it is a sign.

Tired after a later meeting, I headed to the hotel.
I ran out to get some water and toothpaste.

One girl at the counter said she really liked my hat.
The other girl told me I smelled really good.

I know this all is really minor but in the rainy night I felt a bit lighter in my step,
even if my umbrella was inverting and tearing as I made it back to the hotel.

I passed a cute little restaurant I had noticed earlier. No one inside. Felt sad for them. I wondered what they have been doing for their marketing, and how I could offer some advice. I passed the restaurant dismissing this. I really do not need any clients  until at least February.

I then turned around, and went in. The girl was apologetic that they were closing. I told her I had already eaten, but I noticed the place and it was cute. I felt bad it was so empty.  She said that the food is really good and might I come back tomorrow?  I said I might, and asked if they had ever tried GroupOn. She reacted in surprise, saying, Oh my gosh! I never thought about that – I dont think the owner has! She asked me to come back again.

I hope they get business to reflect the energy and attention to detail they obviously put into the place.
It had a really nice feel. Maybe just a bad neighborhood.  By the way, it is called Table Tales Cafe.

Huh. I went to grab the URL for you and on their site is butternut squash just like my lunch I just wrote about.

On Comedy Central, there was just a robot in a skit talking about molestation. If an acupuncturist comes up, OMG.

Oh, interesting instead it is a guy in makeup.

Time for bed.

Glad coincidences are back and Im feeling a bit chipper! :)

My NYC Amazing Race like lunchhour

So, Im auditing a class in NYC that I will be teaching.

I realized near 10am that there was an issue with my checking accoutn and I get it taken care of ASAP.

I called the branch and was told I could not handle it over the phone and needed to go into a branch.
After searching Google for directions, I saw I could take the metro and be ther in 15 minutes.

I forgot to change into my tennis shoes, and found myself 5 minutes later walking from 1 NYC Plaza to Bowlin Green station and jumping on a 5 train.

My lunch route

My lunch route

I got my metro pass – decided to get the unlimited pass, since I am meeting friends and also want to checkout The Moth on Thursday. I also like getting an unlimited pass, because event though I have done the subways of NYC, DC, London, Beijing, France, Moscow, and some other places Im forgetting right now – I invariably end up in the wrong direction, and its nice to not worry.

Case in point – I got the pass and went to get in the train, but there was no #5 – i had entered Whitehall on accident. I reemerged, and it took a while to get my bearings. Every time I come out of the subway, it’s like I transported to another dimension.

So finally on the #5 I was headed towards Grand Central to board a #6. Ah, what;s tis, I can get a 6 sooner than that? I jumped the train to board a 6, only to find it was a local. My 15 minuite trip turned into 30 minutes.

I got out, had no clue where I was, and took in my surroundings.  My handwritten note stopped here – I had neglected to write down the address of the bank. But I knew it was on Park Ave.

A nice looking double-tree was there so I used my mad skillz to go in, and ask the concierge. She found it for me, and gave me directions on how to get there. I saw a Chase where I thought PNC should be, and went inside to ask. Here the address I was looking for was theirs. “Looking for PNC?”    Yet another issue with their site. Lovely. (i had been fighting issues since August, and finally got online access since they bought National).  I called a guy I know on the inside, and he once again regained my faith in this bank by initiating the transfer.

I got lunch from a van – gyros!  No signs, no prices. I asked him what they had and he replied warmly – anything you want, $5.  He suggested the salad with lamb and chicken and I went for it. It seemed to be family run and the young guy was really friendly.  I had some of the white sauce, his mom made it afterall, and just had a really nice exchange with him, and the lady in line.

I walked toward the metro, and realized mysuit skirt was all twisted around. What did I care, id never run into ANYONE I knew, and I really was not trying to make an impression. I thought of hwo at peace i felt. I really enjoy being in NYC.

I made it back to the metro, and jumped on the number 6. There was a woman Hari krishna, and I smiled warmly at her.  I wanted to tell talk to her, and tell her about the great time i had on different occasions hanging out with Hari Kirshnas, once in Pittsburgh in a sweat lodge my friend built, and the other time in the desert doing dishes with them and feeding the masses. But I was shy, and she got off at the next stop.

I found a seat to sit and eat my lunch. I dropped my purse and someone picked it up for me, I hadnt even noticed. I was on another 6 local – and asked the woman next to me if I could grab an express somewhere. We chatted. She was really nice.  Worked in advertising. Im listening t a podcast on advertising, and told her about a book I had heard about that I found very fascinating: Fascinate – how the meanign of the word used to mean what we were instinctively drawn to – but now advertising has changed that. check it out – short quiz.

She said I could take the next train when we stopped. I said goodbye, jumped out went across and it was not a 6.
I asked others and they said no, I asked for trains that could get to the station by the Ferry, they said no. So the 6 I came from was still waiting so I jumped back on. The woman and everyone else insisted, I should have taken that train. It was a 5. Oh well, it was interesting hwo it turned into a group effort to get me where I needed to be.

Well, she got off, and then everyone kept telling me which stop to get off and was extremely friendly.  One of the women told me I should wrap my purse around my arm so I didn’t lose it, since I had dropped it before. I shared with her how I had my purse stolen the very first time I was in NYC.  It was funny, an older couple got off at my station and were telling me where to go. In a nice friendly way, not like the sterotypical New Yorker in movies, etc.  I was late getting back to class, but could not wipe the big smile off my face.

Beef Malbec, Biking, and Birdie

This weekend is about planning out projects for Karmoxie and Grape Thoughts.

I took a break to go to meet Adam at a friend’s birthday party. Birdie (the cat) was nowhere to be found, so I left assuming she was upstairs.
As I backed out of my driveway, I saw her shoot out of the garage!

Well she took off like mad, and there was no chasing her. :(
Adam said to crack the garage door and I could check back tonight.

Arrived at birthday party at same time as he did.
Good friends, good beer, good pinball. Yum!

Support mission, via bikes. 2 tandems and 4 soloists (one in a short skirt and cute argyle socks) rode through Lawrenceville to check up on our dear friend
working security – somewhere I will not share. A bit out of character for this sweet lovin gal, and we rode to show our support.

Me, in a dress, and a full face helmet, and sandals – on the back of a tandem with my awesome boyfriend who I trust immensely.
Hard to keep my dress down, and I’m sure that, as well as the variety of expressive individuals, as well as colorful and even strobe light
blinking light bikes, and our caravan of bike,  were the reason for some cheers.

Got to see our lovely friend, and explore an abandoned building which may or may have not once produced something we may have or may have not ingested.

I admit I was antsy and eager for the ride back. The beers were kicking in. No dinner!

Adam and I pushed hard, and I LIKED IT! I am so anxious to kick back on the bike more often, shed about 30 pounds, and feel more energetic.
We got up this steep hill, that almost exactly 1 year ago I also rode up at 1am due to a navigational error. I had not made it up that time – but I did this time!
Did I mention the immense crush I have on my awesome boyfriend?

So, I left to check up on the cat situation. Luckily she was waiting for me. I pulled into the garage and when I came out, she let me approach her.
She was about to take off, so I grabbed her and suffered a nice bloody gash for it. But hey – she is indoors now, no worries.

My tummy rumbled and I called my chef boyfriend, asking how to best prepare the leftover meat in the fridge.
After being given solid info, I was sauteing onions, garlic, portabelo mushrooms and beef, adding red wine – Mmmm, had
to open the Malbec I’d been saving. 2008 Gascon from Argentina. It was amazingly smooth yet complex – right out of the bottle. No need to decant.
Great berry aromas and flavors, and just a touch of chocolate.

So, I cook it up, and tell Adam, its kind of chewy and crunchy.

Well, I had used the scraps he had saved to make dog food! UGH!

Luckily I had enough portabelo, onions, etc, to start again, this time with flank steak.

OMG. I sat down at the computer, tasting the yummy flavors, and thinking of what I would call this.
Adam had made Beef burgundy earlier this week, maybe this would be Beef Malbec.  I thought to myself,
whatever it is – it is beefy goodness.

Just then, Firefox finished loading, and so did my Scrabble game.

The word played at the top of the screen across the middle triple?


YUM….Synchronicities, yummy food, positive thoughts, and the glow of being in love with someone awesome.

Im so happy.

Back to paperwork, but a very nice reprieve after working constantly for last couple of weeks.

Pay It Forward

Yesterday was Pay It Forward Day. I learned of it on Facebook on the Karma Experiment page of Facebook.

I had a meeting with Karmoxie Team members.
On the way out the door, I grabbed scrap paper form my shelf, and
just happened to grab just enough that when I put the paper in my folder, the paper on top said “Pay It Forward”

It was a handout that was extra from a Networking Event that I had organized, that had been the topic of the speaker.

Cool synchronicity!

I wish I had put a bit more time into acts of kindness.
I did get my teammates coffee and lunch, but they were so full of great ideas it seemed like they paid it backwards. :)

Special thanks to Mish for motivating me to document this synchronicity!