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Kindred Synchronistic Spirit

I love meeting up with people that I find connections with.

Ive been especially lucky lately.

My friend and intern, Courtney asked advice today about traveling to Edinburgh, Scotland.

I said "Go for it" Life is for living. I recalled to her my trip to Australia and how I will never regret going.
I thought of hanging out with my friend who was original form there, who introduced me to my roommate for the trip who lived in Edinburgh.
We deemed it a sign she should go.

A few minutes later, she was processing some contact information for me.
The third piece of contact information belonged to someone ELSE I had met – from Edinburgh!

three degree synchronicity!

A friend who is a researcher had sent me an article on these events, and he replied today saying he never has these events.

Courtney and I both have them a lot!  I hope this year brings some more understanding of this. It's really fun.

Synchroncities in Song and with my Web Browser

As mentioned in all other posts in the category of Synchronicities – I dont keep up with blogging them all very well.
Im going to stop saying that now and just focus on trying to do it when I can.


So lately – this week I was working on my friend's sweatlodge for Frostburn – – and we were looking for fire blankets. Unfortunately, the chimney was getting so hot it was melting the surrounding tarp of the dome.

I searched on Google, and opened a few sites –  I always use the open tab in new window in Firefox, so as a page loads I can do something else – like check Facebook. Im a little bit addicted.

So, I saw this message and focused on the word CHIEF.
I contemplated it for a bit. Got stuck on the word, like I have gotten "stuck" on David Duchovy, Hammer, and Guiness for example


I entered my response, then closed the window, revealing this page that had loaded.


I showed this on my laptop to Adam and Teppy, and they smiled, in a nice way.
Not sure if that meant – Yes, Judy you are silly or what.





This morning a friend who knows I am interested in the 11:11 phenomenon and synchronicities sent me an article from a psych magazine.  One line made me smile, that most people will have 1 PSI episode in their lifetime. (lie what I have been describing.) I was amused – and emailed him back.

I was reflecting on a particular time when I had been frightened of the future, and a song on Pandora had the lyric, "we were all afraid of the future".  I get a lot of these, with songs.  I will put iTunes on random and it is eerie how closely some songs link to what contemplating. I was dating someone once, and all the songs came up had his name in it. Made me wonder if ITunes was capturing my keystrokes.



Just now, I responded to a Facebook message in which I asked a friend "what is white fuel" in response to her message. I then closed that tab in my browser, and what came up was a page I clicked (open in new Tab) earlier on "JQuery design patterns". Here is a screenshot.


That's enough for now – back to work for me.

What do a hammer and David Duchovny have in common?

Had an awesome date with Adam Saturday where we went to Lernerville Speedway and watched his dad come in first place during the heat race, and then he unfortunately got knocked out of the features race. Pictures to come…

On the way home, I didnt want to come back right away and talked him into a Margarita at Chili’s. I actually like the one at the Mill’s mall for some reason. Oh wow – just realize I displaced a bad memory from the last time there. :)

So, we sat at the bar, Adam, me, and my grannie walker. We watched a little of the hockey game, not somethig either of us ever do, and then bartender made a comment about the Ex-po.

I thought he said X-files, and I start thinking of David Duchovny. I asked Adam what the Penguins game had to do with X-files, and was confused. He set me straight, knowing the restaurant term – meaning expeditor – someone who does prep work in the kitchen.

Weird, that I kept thinking about David Duchovny.

So, tonight Ron came over to visit and we watched the Abominable Snowman. He does a spookie movie month, and I had requested to see this one because of the snow factor. Good movie, and nice because I met Ron through the ECP mountaineering class.

Abominable Snowman of the Himalyas – 1957

I liked the film – surprised to see the Himalayas as a backdrop for the mountain shots in a film from 1957. It was less of a Horror movie and more about being a good person or bad things can happen to you.

Well this movie starred Peter Cushing, who Ron explained was the star in many movies by Hammer studios. We then watched the extras on the DVD that was all about Hammer Studio movies. Hammer, hammer, hammer.

Okay, so tying it together.

Ron helped me to my office (bed) and then we talked about business and being productive. We talked about time suckers, and tv shows. I told him It’s Always Sunny has really pulled me in, and he told me about Californication. Starring….

David Duchovny
. Okay – its not earth shattering, but I seriously was focused on the name David Duchovny while at the bar – for NO reason. Focused. To have him brought up again was interesting.

So then, I got settled in and worked more on the website – check it out – and Adam called.

He told me about posting pictures on Facebook of his dad’s dog carrying around a HAMMER.

So then, I thought I would post a comment about the Hammer and logged onto Facebook, thinking of the word HAMMER.

What do I see? A post by my friend Jason Cercone, listing a quote:

“A successful career will no longer be about promotion. It will be about mastery.” — Michael Hammer


So David Duchovny and hammers, both playing roles in recent synchronicitiies.

Now to channel this and turn it into something productive.

Other synchronicities have been happening too, but I simply havent taken the time to post them.

Recent Synchronicities and Good Energy

I am super stoked.

Yeah, I broke my ankle.
Yeah, I cant walk for a couple of months.
But I feel grateful for my friends and my family, and my private cook/nurse/boyfriend, Adam.

Ive realized that it’s times like these when good things and coincidences start happening a lot.

I had emailed Adam to share the fact that someone sent me an email that had Guinness book of records mentioned in it. For some reason I stared at the word for a bit, thought about it for a while.

Then as I worked on a project, I had the Daily Show on in the background. It was from a week ago, and there was a piece on Guinness book of records. I had just told Adam last week, that I watch back episodes (weeks old sometimes) and it is so cool that somehow, a little thing will end up being linked to something current for me.

So, that was that, a nice fun coincidence.

Then a friend in Norway alerted me to a job opportunity from someone in Cardiff. I contacted the guy and we started chatting to set something up, and I mentioned that Im in Pittsburgh and G-20 starts tomorrow. He then told me that in his city, it’s Guinness Day tomorrow, and the Irish pubs would be crazy.

So, THREE, three mentions of Guinness today.

I know Im seemingly silly for enjoying these things. But hey, it works for me. The Norwegian friend and I started talking when he was giving me advice in an online forum and I commented on his handle, which was PoPSiCle. At the time I was eating a coconut popsicle – and it was the only thing that brought me comfort with my ankle pain that day. So we now are chat buddies, and I totally appreciate his feedback and different perspective being from another country. But cultural differences aside, there is common ground. Turns out he watches dogs that are the same breed as a dog Adam had previously.

The other day, my mom was making me breakfast and she asked how I wanted my eggs. Scrambled, I said. She then proceeded to make an omelet. The point is, I was reading a tech magazine, and after she asked me for my egg order, I flipped the page, and there was the article’s author’s picture. (are multiple possessions allowed in English?) All the authors were asked silly questions. This one was asked, how do you like your eggs? Scrambled, of course.

Sometimes I wish I would document these things more. They are really fun. So many happen, and then I forget. That’s why I jotted this one down.

I do know though…that they are happening a lot more and I think that it has a lot to do with being happy and surrounding myself with good people/energy. Again, I am lucky. Ive not had much of a choice on who I surround myself with, and I dont see too many people these days, buy Adam, my mum and sister, Elizabeth…good people!

Whatever metaphysical, unexplainable thing it might be, synchronicities seem to increase when Im in a good state of mind.

Wishing you all happy experiences and good times.