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In the words of Ozzy, “Im coming hooooooooo-oooooo—oooohm”

cool. i get about 10 days at home before heading to Dc then back to London.

Im in Newark waiting my connecting flight in the United Club.

I already moved once to get away form the German kid who’s parents havent realized that South Park has had a really nehative effect on his ability to “blend in”

So, it would have been nice to just graba bloody mary and get a good airport buzz going, but my laptop ran out of juice on the way back form London.
Ten minute from landing I notice the sign that describes that there is an outlet connected to my seat.

Was greeted by TSA and security as expected, a lot of rude people and a lot of impatient flyers battling it out.

Keeping my positive. I get to see my honey in 3 hours. :)

YUM – story of my dinner

red curry catfish & apple cider vinegar greenshere’s how this dish came to be…

1.    ask hotel desk guy for key to room since i lost it, he gives me 2 and says to keep 1 in car and one with me. i explain im checking out in the morning, and wont have time to lose it again.
2.    change for gym, grab my bottle for water
3.    grabbed ipod and got in car to drive 2.5 mile to Gold’s gym from hotel
4.    listened to Lynn Rossetta Casper – Splendid Table on ride over about Mexico’s food history. Another reason to honeymoon there. need to decide.
5.    realize gym is next to place i had sushi last night, but i resisted returning for fresh wasabi (mmm)
6.    Get inside gym and realize I don’t have the pass from the hotel
7.    Again, ignore sushi and get back to hotel
8.    As Lynn talks of Mexico – i see a MEXICAN restaurant, am tempted but ignore it
10.    decide to work out in room but first to cook some catfish
11.    bit of olive oil in 1 pan for fish,   and apple cider vinegar in another for greens
12.    Smoke FILLS the hotel suite and i wonder if the alarm will go off
13.    it doesn’t. i add the greens which stops the smoke in that pan
14.    decide to add lemon zest since Lynn’s guest is talking about lemons
15.    after lowering heat, i place the fish which is smeared with oil, and has a generous smearing of red curry
16.    get the fish going nice and well, then use the only small lid available to cover the fish
17.    go out to the car to get my bottle to make cranberry juice
18.    realize i have just locked myself out of the suite
19.    drive frantically over to the office to get another key – and hopefully sop the fish form burning down the hotel room
20.    get back to a nicely blackened catfish and yummy greens
21.    as i write this the ingredients in stump the chef include COLLARD GREENS