Congrats to WordPress

WordPress was just recently recognized as being the BEST in open CMS.
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Wordpress Schawg

Creative Commons License photo credit: Peregrino Will Reign

Well, glad those sleepless nights helping clients weren't being put towards the worst open source CMS solution!


Ive been starting to write plugins and get into some more of the advanced features, and its been an adventure. Teaching classes on Design Patterns (in Java) I have to say I wasn't thrilled by some of the common approaches and recommended solutions being proposed to me.  Most solutions I was suggested involved NOT using my customized database tables, but overriding the use of Pages and Posts, and shove everything into Options tables.

But, Im starting to get a better handle on things, and see how to design clean solutions.  WordPress does offer a lot, and i really has helped me to get my clients sites up and running quickly. Plus the availability of plugins is quite nice.

Even still, it's amazing to think that for certain categories, there are only 2-3 plugins.  Maybe when I have *free* time I will package up some of my custom solutions and spread some good karma around.

Ah, free time – wish I had some. If so I would create a custom theme for this site.

The life of a developer, you spend more time on clients stuff than your own.

Reminds me of a logic problem:Barbershop

You arrive at a secluded small town with only two barbers (they are the only ones who know how to cut hair )* and you need a haircut.

They charge the same amount.

One has a very messy shop with hair everywhere, and his hair looks terrible. The other has a great haircut and his shop is immaculate.
Which one should you use?

* Added this to clarify problem for my boyfriend and others who might argue their wives might cut their hair

So, the answer is basically related to the fact that – even though my current theme is messy, its not too much of a negative, I'm just so busy helping others. ;)

In case you didnt get it – they cut each others hair…So choosing the messy barber would mean you get the best cut – he is too busy to clean up!.

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