Ever wish you had a lawyer? :)

Well, if you know me in real life, you might think I may have needed one from time to time. And well, you would be correct.

Luckily a friend recommended signing up for lawyer’s insurance.
I thought it was a crock, but it has saved me so many times.
I pay about $15 a month, and it has paid for itself every year.

Ive been meaning to post about it, but only got to it today.

Once it was over a gym membership. I had been sick and called to cancel, and they said, Oh lets put it on hold for only $10/month. I said, Ok. Then got hit with a $275 bill two months later. WTF? A letter from my lawyer, and it was all taken care of.

Then, it was an ambulance company. My insurance company would not cover the ambulance charge saying it was not fair and reasonable. The ambulance company told me they could reduce my bill, but later said they never said that. Letter from the lawyer, and…

I had issues over property that I inherited, and they researched the matter and got back to me.

They have lawyers on staff that deal with everything.

They even helped to give me advice before I started my company, and how to set up my LLC.

This has been very helpful to me as I started my business and am always doing new contracts, and clients wish to add little tweaks here and there. Now, I scan and email them to my lawyer, and voila! I get feedback and make changes.

I have gotten to know some of the lawyers from talking to them and they are all so nice!

So – why do I share. Well, if you think you might ever need one, I’d like you to sign up. :)

I believed in this so much, I signed up to distribute the service two years ago.

I NEVER tried to sell it. Truthfully, I didnt put any effort into it.
I have told people about it, and got them to sign up through others just because I didnt have time to think about it.

Well, its super easy to sign up now. And through me!
So, if you are interested, please click this link and check it out.
Id love if you signed up through me, but if you just sign up and it helps, all the better!

And of course, if you sign up to tell others, then that helps me too!


Hope all is well, and you don’t ACTUALLY need it.
Its nice piece of mind. :)

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