Feel My Boobies – work and personal life

Well, feelyourboobies, actually. A website to promote breast cancer.
A friend said that at first when he saw the web address, I had actually said feel my boobies. I guess friends might think that. Im a bit outgoing.

Im on the board of an entrepreneur group and today we talked social media. I brought up how most people want to separate their work and personal life. I dont care if clients see that I had blue hair at one point. If they dont wish to work with me because of that, then I dont wish to work with them.

It got me thinking about living my life completely out in the open. Maybe document some of the crazier moments I have had. Such as sharing with friends that I carried kit-kats in my underwear when I was returning from the kitchen. Im using crutches these days, and had no pockets.

In the end, i realize no one is going to see yourself the way you want to be seen. there will always be misunderstandings. maybe them misunderstanding you helps them grow in some way.

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