Flutter my heart

Yesterday Adam took me out on the RD250.


I was more scared of riding with him on it than I was on the Kawasaki, even though when we were on the K, he went from the road, to jumping the sidewalk up a hill into a parking lot, leaving me unable to speak during the beginning of the wine dinner.

So, then it was my turn. It had been ten years since I had driven a motorcycle.
I kinda remembered where everything was: clutch, shifter, brakes. But lets put it this way, it has a very distinctive sound. I can hear Adam coming to my house when he is all the way down the hill. He has explained before, and I guess it will eventually make sense, it is a 2 stroke engine.  My point it, its loud, in a unique way. It kind of freaked me out a bit.

Here is a video of one on YouTube:


I could not start it myself (no electric start and my ankle isnt completely healed yet) I was nervous as all hell, but finally pulled off. I did a lap and then stopped. I had been giddily laughing the whole way around the parking lot.

I stayed in first the whole time, but it didnt matter. It was super cool for me.

I then did another lap, and almost stopped but didnt stop where i wanted and did one more lap. People had pulled into the lot and I was reminded of having an audience when I tried to drop into the bowl on the skateboard.

So Adam then did a couple of laps to give it a good amount of gas (which it needs). He would give it gas and do wheelies. It freaked me out a bit. I'm not ready for that. He offered me the bike, but I was happy to just ride on the back to go home.

Im a little shaky still about being adventurous. Especially having the audience. It was one of the things that stuck in my mind with the accident.

So, we looked at helmets yesterday. Expensive! They had cheaper ones, but they fit terribly. I was going to go with solid, to match more "outfits", but then settled on a SHOEI, that had a pattern to it, and was kinda shiny, so if headlights hit me it would be attention getting. I had them hold it until Good Friday hoping for a good deal.

Well, today, I browsed the net for a better deal. Yeah, Id like to shop local, but this was a lot of dough. I looked for the same model, then HOLY HECK. The search results came back with the name "The Flutter". I didnt even need to see the image to know. I clicked it, and YES, IT WAS A BUTTERFLY helmet.

More than the one I looked at, but Adam suggested I call the shop and see if they could order it from another of their locations. No need, they had TWO. WTF? How did we miss a butterfly???

I was at the shop within 15 minutes, and fell in love at first site. I skipped the pink, then white tan and black would match anything. I was super excited, but then found out the price was $100 more than on the web. UGH. After a bit of a wait, they matched the internet price!

My FLUTTER helmet

I drove back to JD's and wore it to show Adam. Its wicked awesome. He said lets take it for a spin, and I thought he meant WITH him. But nope he started it up and had me do laps in the parking lot. OH BOY!!!

I feel like a little kid at Christmas with a new favorite toy.
I keep thinking I might sleep with it. :)


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