Yesterday was emotional. Cousin’s funeral, seeing family I had not seen in a long time, reconnecting with my sandbox buddy, my cousin Kathy. Or is it Cathy? I will know soon enough.

Today I rode up Coxcomb hill, a daunting ride I had been half-dreading, half looking forward to doing. I leave Friday to ride 500 miles – the first two days 100 miles each from Vermont to PA.  Im scared. Have not trained nearly enough as I want to. But a good friend I reconnected with recently said, being out of shape just means it will hurt more. I will survive.

Taught my third class today on sensory wine.
It seemed to go over well, got good feedback, met some nice people.
Shared a bottle of Australian Tokay with them at the end. Mmmmm…

Life is feeling, more normal again. I wont lie and say I am not saddened by losing a good friend of mine.  One sentence, one blog, one book could not summarize the experience or the emotions. Dating didn’t work out like either of us expected. Expectations, eh.

One expectation is panning out. My tomatoes are growing.

Here are some snaps from my garden. A neighbor yelled across the street, “I have to ask you what are you taking pictures of, your garden?”. I could have shrugged him off, but I explained I plan on making wall prints for my kitchen – why spend $20+ at Bed Bath and Beyond when I can make it more personal?

6 thoughts on “Growing

  1. Brian

    I like your pics…My roommate is waiting for his tomatoes to ripen….Peppers look tasty….hope to see you out soon

  2. Gabrielle Marsden

    looks nice but I see sage, not butterfly bush, though sage is great for butterflies.
    nice tomato.
    peppers depend on how you like them or what your mood is.
    The yellow looks like tickseed, coreopsis which is pretty nice too.

  3. Joyce Wasser

    I use to get Japanese spam on my old blog site.

    Wow! back to back 100 mile days. That’s tuff. I’ll be thinking of you. I once an 80 mile day followed by a 70 mile day.

    Love the tomato picture!


  4. plants ferns

    This morning there was an intriguing newspaper article that talked about the many ways gardening has altered during the past two decades. It suggests that organic and all-year gardens are all the rage these days. It would be interesting to take a poll on this website and see if the bulk of readers agree with this assessment.


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