Happy Birthday 2009

I was scheduled to work in NYC the week of my birthday.

This was good, I wanted to the day to pass quietly, as the past year was such a roller coaster, I felt like easing into 34 without any big commotion about it.

There was a burner party planned the day my class ended, my birthday, June 19th.  Perfect timing so I did get a ticket for that, and made a run to a thrift store to find appropriate pink and orange burner attire.

I made plans to drive up to NYC, passing through Philly so that I could visit with my Cindy and Kelseycollege friend, Cindy and her husband, Tom, and to meet her two daughters for the first time! That was a blast, I really had missed Cindy, and her daughters were so great! Megan and I played with MY Little Ponies and watched Smurfs (now available ON DEMAND!) and Kelsey was so happy and giggly.


Then on to New York. Early in the week Barbara announced that her honey, Samir, would be making a homemade birthday dinner on Friday for me and Cristina, whose birthday was 2 days after mine.  This was not only generous, but something I really looked forward to, as Samir is from Morocco and Barbara is from Italy, and how could it not be anything but absolutely perfect!

Another friend, Dr. Mercury from Connecticut, also had plans to come up for the party and was going to meet me after my class. I had driven to NYC, and had parked in Brooklyn for free, under advice from my friend Ryan who also decided to join the party.

It was going to be hectic, getting from Manhattan to Brooklyn, then driving to Queens for dinner and to get ready to head back to Brooklyn, for a party that was from 10pm to 6am, and I had to leave near 9am to drive back to Pittsburgh in time for a dinner party I had been looking forward to for months. Yikes!

But it all seemed worth it.

The week passed quickly.  The class was enjoyable, the students asked a lot of good questions, and it was nice to meet them.

At the end of class Thursday, most of the students had left, and two remained in the room, to wait for their trains and surf the web.  I sensed someone had walked in the room, and this is how my brain processed it

(It probably took 4 or 5 seconds to sink in):

  1. someone has walked into the room
  2. this person is another instructor (name tag)
  3. they look familiar, I know this person
  4. oh my goodness, it’s  Noise!

He had surprised me by flying up, so that he could be there for my birthday, and to drive to the Saturday party with me. I was shocked.

We were able to go to the dinner together – which was FABULOUS!

photography by Barbara Pilotto

photography by Barbara Pilotto

So many appetizers and things I cannot pronounce, little flaky triangles stuffed with salmon cream cheese and another with meat, meat on skewers, chorizo, and lemon artichokes – made with imported aged lemons, and the best looking artichokes I have ever seen…and so much wine!   There were two that were especially favored, one being called Dido, although we inserted an L and had a lot of laughs on that one, and the other I believe was a Cabernet from Argentina.

We then had some drinks on the roof which has a beautiful view of the city, and the lights were gorgeous!

photography by Barbara Pilotto

photography by Barbara Pilotto

photography by Barbara Pilotto

Then we prepared for the party. The party was put on by a New York Burner group called Disorient.

The title of the event was GlamTech,and the idea was to dress in pink and orange. It was a flurry of boas, glitter, makeup, wigs and lots of giggling.

photography by Barbara Pilotto
photography by Barbara Pilotto

photography by Barbara Pilotto

We got to the club and met Ryan, who was considered not to be in costume, since he was only wearing an orange shirt. BOO! It was his first burner event, give him some slack!

We soon realized all of our pink turned orange under the black light, who knew!


We danced until 4:30 or so, then cabbed it back to Queens.

Talking until sunrise, and then Noise and I made it back to the car and drove home, VERY SLEEPILY. I felt very lucky to have my boyfriend with me, as this drive would have been unbearable on my own.

So all in all I felt very lucky the entire time. Such amazing people I have been able to meet – and spend time with.

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