Hey My Surprise Birthday Party is now Public! What will you do?

The idea is yes, Im taking my birthday as an opportunity to ask you for something.

Surprise me….with something that you do FOR YOU.

This is VIRTUAL people no excuses.
The location is Earth – you can all make it.

The idea is, that YOU, do something on June 19th, that you have been putting off, and then tell me about it. Privately, or if you wish you can post here.

Ive been doing a few of these lately and it has made me feel really, really good.

So, you know what that means to you.

Also, if you feel inspired to do something new, and you tell yourself, nah i dont have the _________ ($, resources, creativity, time, courage) – then PLEASE try and do that.

Inspiration to me is spiritual, and you shouldnt let those opportunities go by.

So please, honor yourself.

I will be in Arizona on this day, and I return Friday.

If you would like to do something in person, well, I will be in Arizona. BUT…maybe we can meet in Pittsburgh/Swissvale on Sunday or you can contact Adam about what we might do.

P.S. If you feel really stuck, Im working on a community sourced art project, so remind me to hit you up an dask for your help with that.  Literally would take as little as 30 seconds of your time, unless you feel compelled to do more.

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