In the words of Ozzy, “Im coming hooooooooo-oooooo—oooohm”

cool. i get about 10 days at home before heading to Dc then back to London.

Im in Newark waiting my connecting flight in the United Club.

I already moved once to get away form the German kid who’s parents havent realized that South Park has had a really nehative effect on his ability to “blend in”

So, it would have been nice to just graba bloody mary and get a good airport buzz going, but my laptop ran out of juice on the way back form London.
Ten minute from landing I notice the sign that describes that there is an outlet connected to my seat.

Was greeted by TSA and security as expected, a lot of rude people and a lot of impatient flyers battling it out.

Keeping my positive. I get to see my honey in 3 hours. :)

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