Interesting thing that happened…

I was searching for my car keys, and talking to my recently deceased friend.

I was wishing him well, wherever he might be, and hoping he was in a better place.

I asked him to help me find my keys.
Then I used a pendulum – you ask a question, and then it indicates a
Yes or No answer.

Are they in the basement? Yes.
Are they to the left of the couch? Yes.
Are they within 1 foot of the white cupboards? No.
Are they in something? Yes.

So the only thing between the couch and the cupboards was a bag.

I opened it, and it was the climbing gear my friend gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago.

I do not recall putting the gear in a bag. It had been hanging in my garage.

I miss you Mikey Brown.

I hope to find a new teacher to take me climbing and learn to use this pro.

Dont miss out on opportunities to spend time with those you care about.

Smile at, and be good to others.
You never know what battles they may be fighting.

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