Kindred Synchronistic Spirit

I love meeting up with people that I find connections with.

Ive been especially lucky lately.

My friend and intern, Courtney asked advice today about traveling to Edinburgh, Scotland.

I said "Go for it" Life is for living. I recalled to her my trip to Australia and how I will never regret going.
I thought of hanging out with my friend who was original form there, who introduced me to my roommate for the trip who lived in Edinburgh.
We deemed it a sign she should go.

A few minutes later, she was processing some contact information for me.
The third piece of contact information belonged to someone ELSE I had met – from Edinburgh!

three degree synchronicity!

A friend who is a researcher had sent me an article on these events, and he replied today saying he never has these events.

Courtney and I both have them a lot!  I hope this year brings some more understanding of this. It's really fun.

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