Latest Funny Google Voice translations

I really do enjoy Google Voice. I have set my number up to forward to my cell or home.

If I miss a call, I can read the text message Google generates by translating the voice mail.

Here are the latest two:

From Adam: How you doing finishing up your weapons Confederate of a reasons. Alright, I'm gonna send a message. So, anyway, give me a shout it. Yeah.

From V: Emily, It, so if you feel here and she just called you and other number of any kind of food River asked me to this. Mom I wasn't sure. I just wanted to be. If you or Adam, We will who wants to go. So, W at some space. Since mummified body of of available them into tomorrow about some this is since last weekend, so gimme a call when you can and I'll talk to you later. Thanks. Bye.

If you use Google Voice, please post some funny translations you have received…

7 thoughts on “Latest Funny Google Voice translations

  1. ckc

    A funny one from a butt dial I got, this is what GV thought they said: (its from my daughter)

    “That’s the point. Yes, yeah bye bye hey feeling. Hey bro Hey C. It’s this is path vertical yeah. If you are yeah bye bye okay. Gosh. Bye bye be there. Okay, okay. Recall, Rick Rosenberg button. Hey, so I will solve the problem. You’ve got here anyway. … See MoreOkay, thank you all white. If you and then so we’ll work we are you’d like yelling variance units energy really pissing me google acquired by. Ohh that will I can expedite that. Hi again off and bye. I keep it going on. I didn’t want to say anything to do by Jessica. It’s hello.”

  2. Marshkillz

    Hi Jonathan, this is 10:30. And my dad has a laptop that needs kind of some dude blowing out of it and the same input and he did order for he’s got that it’ll stay running for about a minute in the fan like quicker quicker cook up like you know and then it doesn’t extend running someone’s out. So. I just, you know, I don’t like looking on those because I can’t seem to get in put back together, right. So give me a call. Please (blanked number Thanks buddy bye. Yeah.

  3. Megan

    Here’s one I got just a few minutes ago. The call had absolutely nothing to do with food stamps!

    This message is for May. Again, this is dying to play tennis and What the food stamp unit. I need you to please give ME A call AT (phone number). Again (phone number). This is the boy with food stamps. Thank you and have a nice day bye.

    My car insurance agent, through Nationwide Insurance:

    Hello, this is dad Swanson with this one church in Bradford, can you call me at (phone number) Thanks bye.

    From my grandmother, talking about scheduling a doctor visit. It makes it sound like we’re smuggling drugs or something:

    Hey magazine when you get out of work. Give me a call, got some news on how to get it back here talk to you later. Love you bye.

  4. John

    From my ex-wife calling our son:

    Hey, I’m trying to get out of prison. Ryan it’s online level and I’ll talk to some Marin.


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