Recent Synchronicities and Good Energy

I am super stoked.

Yeah, I broke my ankle.
Yeah, I cant walk for a couple of months.
But I feel grateful for my friends and my family, and my private cook/nurse/boyfriend, Adam.

Ive realized that it’s times like these when good things and coincidences start happening a lot.

I had emailed Adam to share the fact that someone sent me an email that had Guinness book of records mentioned in it. For some reason I stared at the word for a bit, thought about it for a while.

Then as I worked on a project, I had the Daily Show on in the background. It was from a week ago, and there was a piece on Guinness book of records. I had just told Adam last week, that I watch back episodes (weeks old sometimes) and it is so cool that somehow, a little thing will end up being linked to something current for me.

So, that was that, a nice fun coincidence.

Then a friend in Norway alerted me to a job opportunity from someone in Cardiff. I contacted the guy and we started chatting to set something up, and I mentioned that Im in Pittsburgh and G-20 starts tomorrow. He then told me that in his city, it’s Guinness Day tomorrow, and the Irish pubs would be crazy.

So, THREE, three mentions of Guinness today.

I know Im seemingly silly for enjoying these things. But hey, it works for me. The Norwegian friend and I started talking when he was giving me advice in an online forum and I commented on his handle, which was PoPSiCle. At the time I was eating a coconut popsicle – and it was the only thing that brought me comfort with my ankle pain that day. So we now are chat buddies, and I totally appreciate his feedback and different perspective being from another country. But cultural differences aside, there is common ground. Turns out he watches dogs that are the same breed as a dog Adam had previously.

The other day, my mom was making me breakfast and she asked how I wanted my eggs. Scrambled, I said. She then proceeded to make an omelet. The point is, I was reading a tech magazine, and after she asked me for my egg order, I flipped the page, and there was the article’s author’s picture. (are multiple possessions allowed in English?) All the authors were asked silly questions. This one was asked, how do you like your eggs? Scrambled, of course.

Sometimes I wish I would document these things more. They are really fun. So many happen, and then I forget. That’s why I jotted this one down.

I do know though…that they are happening a lot more and I think that it has a lot to do with being happy and surrounding myself with good people/energy. Again, I am lucky. Ive not had much of a choice on who I surround myself with, and I dont see too many people these days, buy Adam, my mum and sister, Elizabeth…good people!

Whatever metaphysical, unexplainable thing it might be, synchronicities seem to increase when Im in a good state of mind.

Wishing you all happy experiences and good times.

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