RIP Aunt Olga

My Aunt Olga passed away two days ago. She just turned 93 last week.

To me, she was the embodiment of a strong, unstoppable woman.

Up until just a few years ago – she was still out there cutting grass, tending her garden, baking amazing treats,
and making my favorite – turtle soup.

Today was her funeral, and she was buried with a locket that contained her son’s ashes – he died 6 months ago.
At his funeral – she grabbed my arm and cried, that she had thought of ending her life, due to the pain of her incurable cancer,
but that she had promised him she would not.  And somehow, she would find the strength to carry on.

I loved to visit her to not only be around her amazing personalty, but to feel “connected” with the Herilla side of the family.
When I have called more recently, she was weak, and not up for visitors.

Of my father’s siblings, only two of ten(?) are left.

I saw my cousins reaction when my uncle spoke to him. Afterwards my cousin said, I cant believe he spoke to me.
He hasn’t spoken to me since my son was little (15 years).  My cousin was close to my dad, who also did not speak to his brother (this same uncle) for over 40 years, until my father was dying and my uncle came to visit.  I later heard my uncle tell someone why he had not talked to my cousin. It was related to an incident in which my cousin had his young son at the club, and I guess his son was on top of a pinball machine or something similar. I guess my cousin did not make a move to correct this or apologize.

Stupid shit to hold a grudge over, but in my family there is a history of not talking over things like this. Waiting for the other person to call first.

If you are holding a grudge with anyone, please, even if you feel YOU ARE RIGHT – reach out to them. It is not worth it.
Being reminded of this was a big take-away for me today.

At any rate, all seemed united when the pastor asked for people to shout out baked goods or things my aunt had done that were impressive.
It was a very long list, and I only hope to live up to my last name and display the work ethic demonstrated by my late aunt and father.

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