Sardines, and just a couple of things…

Well, I suppose i need to update this blog page since I am now Judy Lipinski.

The TSA agent was the first one to say it officially, I remarked on this, how most people assume Miss, and he replied he has to observe these things and he saw my wedding ring.

I just took a snack break. Im finishing a huge project I have been working on for months related to Project Management.

I had sardines and crackers in honor of dear old dad. And a stipend for another client in which I need receipts, so I splurged and went to Whole Paycheck.

I wish he were still alive, Id fill my suitcase with these lush sardines packed in lemon infused oil. He would probably scoff at the Pecan Crisps that pass for crackers.
Goodness, I miss him and is cantankerous ways.

I have been working my ass off this year. And now I can say that literally.

Before I start my 18+ hour days, I have been playing Wii Fit, drinking protein smoothies, and trying to get sleep when I can.

I am super excited about the work, but am looking forward to vacation – Burning Man in THREE WEEKS!!!

I cannot dye my hair purple this year – because I am leaving to come back early to teach in NYC.  Yes, cutting my vacation short.

Then it will be off to London. And probably not taking much extended time as we did last year for our pre-honeymoon. I still woudl like to take in sites in Scotland and Ireland.

October is filling up now.

I finally feel relatively comfortable with security of Karmoxie. Too bad self health insurance is so expensive. I have been flirting with the idea of going full-time somewhere else, but at this rte, I think I can afford medical costs to have a baby next year? and any other shenanigans my husband and I get into. We are accident prone, as you may know.

This was to be the year of catching up with friends and although it is only happened a couple of times, I cherish it, and look forward to more.

ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN is right around the corner!


Peeps are coming in from around the country. Now just to get the canucks and euros to show up…

Much love to all, be good to all we meet, they may be having a shitty day and you can be that ray of sunshine

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