Saturday night fun with Jelly Belly Beans

So…Had an awesome day today!

  • Worked
  • Organized my sock drawer – yippee!
  • Worked out with Marcia – treadmill – 25 minutes!
  • Chased Dragons on mountain bikes!!!
  • Attended a gallery closing (the opening was canceled due to bad weather) – new wine location!!!

As I was arranging another wine tasting, Adam came in with a sixer of one of my favorite beers!

Vanilla Java Porter

I had a surprise for him too!

Marcia and I did some shopping, and I picked Adam up this.

Its a box of jelly belly beans, with good and bad flavors in the same colors.


So we did a sort of Russian roulette (probably a better analogy here…) with them and each picked one, and saw who got the bad crap. It was okay because I had my Vanilla Java Porter and he had his Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager to wash down the yuckies.


Id say I got more gross ones than he did. But I did finish the skunk spray, while he spit out his Rotten Egg.

Yes we are weird, and I wouldnt have it any other way.

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