Sk8ing, Part 1, three times were charming

For a few months now, my friend Adam and I have been talking about him teaching me to skateboard. Its something I’ve wanted to learn to do, ever since I was a poser in high school and hung out with guys at the skateshop, and followed them as they trespassed onto properties with empty pools.

It was renewed for me again as I left the building I was teaching a class at in NYC to walk back to the corporate apartments. It is in the financial district, and everyone had already left Wall Street. It was empty. Except for the skaters. I wondered how they might react to have a 30-something woman in a business suit ask to borrow a board and then ride around a bit.

So, when Adam asked me if I was interested, I jumped on the chance.

See I like to do things that give you butterflies in your stomach.  Living life, trying new things, adrenaline rushes, feeling free.  A friend of mine who was a king of this died recently. It had been a reminder that life is too short, and there are things I want to experience.

Now I dont do this with reckless abandon. Adam outfitted me with elbow pads, knee pads, and I wore my wrist guards from rollerblading. I wore my bike helmet and prayed I didnt get another concussion.

FIRST TIME on the board

The first time we entered the skate park I was scared! But Adam has always made me feel very comfortable, and I listened to the instruction he gave me.
I first worked on balancing on the board while holding onto a fence.

Experience snowboarding made it easier for me to pick up the hang of balancing on the board. It did take me a bit of time, but in an hour or so I was able to stand on the board and pick up a little speed on a downhill slope, and try to get around the corner of the bowl.

It was frustrating, it was fun. I would try, not quite make it, then try again. Adam said that I, like others, are like little kids when learning. As soon as we mess up, we get excited and run back to try it again.  I was addicted after this first day.

SECOND DAY on the board

So, things progressed! I went into the bowl and used a “waterfall” to try and get more speed. I also practiced jumping into the bowl knees first. To experience getting in, and the correct way to fall. This is not as easy as it looks.

Well, unless your Adam. Then it looks much easier.

THIRD DAY on the board

Skating has become such an awesome activity, and I was really enjoying spending time with Adam like this. We had dated before, but our schedules never really matched up. Now, if the day was nice, we could decide how to schedule some sk8 time in.

This day was great. Adam and I hit the skate park in the morning.
I did some work at lunchtime at the Panera, sent out some proposals, and then we went out again in the afternoon.

We had the place to ourselves. Adam was able to blast some tunes as he introduced me to kick turns. I got them down after a couple of falls, and put my first line together! I also was able to complete my first carve!

After skating, we rushed back to his house. I showered quickly, then we biked down to the pinball league in the southside. I was in cycling gear and we were all giggly when we stopped at a bar where the bartender works with Adam at another restaurant. We then rode home, and celebrated the day with a soak in the hottub.

The next day we went to see his brother compete AND WIN the season finale stock car race at Lernerville Speedway. His dad’s girlfriend kind of stared a little blankly when Adam told her about everything we had done the previous day. She said she didnt think she could be Adam’s friend and keep up with him. Adam told me the bartender from the night before had talked with other girls at the restaurant, and they agreed they couldnt be his girlfriend. Um, the g-word? Scary, scary. :)

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