Sk8ing, Part 2, The Aftermath

This was the last day of a magical week. It was like taking a mini vacation hanging out with Adam and his puppies, skating and soaking in the hottub, watching skateboard dvd’s and just relaxing.

So, on Tuesday morning we woke up and began our P90X training program. 90 days of intense working out, to be rewarded with getting into crazy good shape and a snowboarding vacation to boot!

After a very nutritious breakfast, we headed to the skate park.
No empty park this day. As we skated up we could see a young gal was there, maybe 7 or 8? Her brother was there too. They skated with no fear, and no protection. They didn’t do a lot of crazy things, kick turns, carves, pumping down and up the ramps. The girl rolled off the twinkies with not a care.

They followed us to the bowl where Adam was having me practice falling. The boy asked me why I was doing this. Adam tried to explain so that when I did fall, Id do it the right way. The kid didn’t listen and Adam walked over to drop into the bowl.

The kid asks me, why are you listening to him about falling. Isnt it demotivating to practice falling? FALLING? (I swear these kids were home schooled.)

He also made a comment, “When you are as good as me, you dont need protection”. He then watched with his jaw hanging open as Adam dropped in to the steep section of the bowl. I said, fighting back a big smile, “if you have any questions, ask him, he is really nice.”

The kids kept following and he kept wanting to teach me. I told him I was happy with Adam’s instruction. I rolled off part of the twinkie and was able to carve against the near wall without falling. I was getting pumping down and could get up the steep ramp without stopping.

Feeling confident, it was tempting when the little kid kept saying I should drop-in on a very shallow part of the coping.

Adam stood nearby, and the first attempt took a full five minutes to psych myself into. I placed the back end of my board on the edge, and finally stepped forward. I fell and Adam caught me by the arm, holding me up. It hurt, and I recommended he move to my right side. I lined it up again, and noticed the mother of the kids watching intently.

I wondered, what is she thinking? How much older was she than me? Did she think I was a fool, or did she admire me for trying this stuff out.

All thoughts were gone except the extreme pain I felt as I stepped out and immediately fell in excruciating horror. I yelled, I screamed, I somehow managed to only let a “FUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” escape as I curbed my language in front of the children.

I lay there in a lot of pain, as the kids asked if I was alright and fetched an ice bag from their mother.

It took a while before I could move. I remember saying “Adam its bad. Adam its bad”, but secretly hoping I was overreacting. After a few minutes, he and another much shorter guy than him, helped me to my good foot. The other hung limply with a very noticeable slant to the right.

The mother asked if we wanted an ambulance, and Adam said no, we will go to the hospital in the car. Because of the height difference, it was a long and slow process to get me there. Almost there I realized we could have had me stand with my good leg on the skateboard.

I could find no comfortable position in the car. i layered my good foot, then ice pack and hurt ankle on top of that. It was a long and slow ride to the hospital. Id scream in pain, Adam told me to claw into his arm, but I just held his hand and tried not to cry.

Stuck in traffic, I twittered to try and keep my mind off the pain, shouting out that I was headed to the hospital. X-rays showed the two side bones on your foot, the round parts (funny bones) were both broken and my bone was dislocated.


They aligned it in this hospital. I was told I would be put into a twilight sleep and I might not even know it has happened. They gave me an injection. I remember getting chatty, telling Adam I really like him, and then saying “I hope that happens to me.”

They asked me what I meant, and I said, “that twilight thing where you dont know its happened.” They laughed and said it already did. I looked down and my foot was bandaged.

We had to wait for the ortho person to see if it would need surgery that night. We were hungry and I was jonesing for a Thai iced tea, so Adam went and got us food. He was going to make it at his house and then we realized I wasnt going anywhere. I was in danger of blood clots, and would not be going home until after surgery. So he brought Thai into the hospital, and it was the best damn Thai Iced tea I ever had.

I needed to be admitted, but my insurance was no good there, so I was transferred by ambulance to AGH. I sent Adam home to sleep, and awaited my new adventure.

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