Synchroncities in Song and with my Web Browser

As mentioned in all other posts in the category of Synchronicities – I dont keep up with blogging them all very well.
Im going to stop saying that now and just focus on trying to do it when I can.


So lately – this week I was working on my friend's sweatlodge for Frostburn – – and we were looking for fire blankets. Unfortunately, the chimney was getting so hot it was melting the surrounding tarp of the dome.

I searched on Google, and opened a few sites –  I always use the open tab in new window in Firefox, so as a page loads I can do something else – like check Facebook. Im a little bit addicted.

So, I saw this message and focused on the word CHIEF.
I contemplated it for a bit. Got stuck on the word, like I have gotten "stuck" on David Duchovy, Hammer, and Guiness for example


I entered my response, then closed the window, revealing this page that had loaded.


I showed this on my laptop to Adam and Teppy, and they smiled, in a nice way.
Not sure if that meant – Yes, Judy you are silly or what.





This morning a friend who knows I am interested in the 11:11 phenomenon and synchronicities sent me an article from a psych magazine.  One line made me smile, that most people will have 1 PSI episode in their lifetime. (lie what I have been describing.) I was amused – and emailed him back.

I was reflecting on a particular time when I had been frightened of the future, and a song on Pandora had the lyric, "we were all afraid of the future".  I get a lot of these, with songs.  I will put iTunes on random and it is eerie how closely some songs link to what contemplating. I was dating someone once, and all the songs came up had his name in it. Made me wonder if ITunes was capturing my keystrokes.



Just now, I responded to a Facebook message in which I asked a friend "what is white fuel" in response to her message. I then closed that tab in my browser, and what came up was a page I clicked (open in new Tab) earlier on "JQuery design patterns". Here is a screenshot.


That's enough for now – back to work for me.

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