Thank you, New York…

Life has been totally hectic with wedding planning, home remodeling, project work, web promotions, wine tastings, honeymoon choosing…

Its been hard to take time for myself, but my friend Laurie said I needed to, and we were talking about this recently and writing.

I have code I could be writing, wine blogs I could be writing, but Im taking the night off.

Instead I just wanted to share how today went.

Left Pgh at 5am to get to NYC financial district and setup my classroom for a CSS class.

My room wasnt ready but that was okay because I relaxed and had coffee and breakfast.

Hotel is far from work, but I was happy because my ankle is healed.

I took a break to head uptown and see Samir’s truck for the first time.

The most amazing Moroccon / Mediterranean food in New York City!!!

Seriously, cous cous with amazing chicken and meat, a butternut squash soup, and Morrocon mint tea.

I am so excited for my friend Samir! Not only is he following his passion, but people of New York are getting to meet and be near this wonderful spirit!

Seeing him made my heart smile.

He is set up near Lexington and 56th, if you are in New York City. This just so happens to be near a Sephora’s.

I went in. My skin is so dry and itchy, I needed some pampering.
I got a moisturizer and a mini roll-on of vanilla-coconut perfume.

This really sweet Puertorican person helped me.  He/she was extremely sweet and sincere.

They shared a natural product with me that they use because they “have to shave”.
Funny, I realy dont know what this person’s situation was,  and it really didnt matter.

They just were nice and pampered me a bit. So much better than the last time I spent time in NYC, and an
accupuncturist/medical doctor made me super uncomfortable.

It was actually nice to hang out for a bit with this person and not feel threatened.
I also got some foundation and a bronzer that they also use.

When I left the store a constructor worker holla holla’d at me. (is that how you say it?)
I ignored him but it kinda was nice. I have felt so bleh lately.

On the subway on the way home, someone had a bag from Costa Rica. A destination we are considering,
maybe it is a sign.

Tired after a later meeting, I headed to the hotel.
I ran out to get some water and toothpaste.

One girl at the counter said she really liked my hat.
The other girl told me I smelled really good.

I know this all is really minor but in the rainy night I felt a bit lighter in my step,
even if my umbrella was inverting and tearing as I made it back to the hotel.

I passed a cute little restaurant I had noticed earlier. No one inside. Felt sad for them. I wondered what they have been doing for their marketing, and how I could offer some advice. I passed the restaurant dismissing this. I really do not need any clients  until at least February.

I then turned around, and went in. The girl was apologetic that they were closing. I told her I had already eaten, but I noticed the place and it was cute. I felt bad it was so empty.  She said that the food is really good and might I come back tomorrow?  I said I might, and asked if they had ever tried GroupOn. She reacted in surprise, saying, Oh my gosh! I never thought about that – I dont think the owner has! She asked me to come back again.

I hope they get business to reflect the energy and attention to detail they obviously put into the place.
It had a really nice feel. Maybe just a bad neighborhood.  By the way, it is called Table Tales Cafe.

Huh. I went to grab the URL for you and on their site is butternut squash just like my lunch I just wrote about.

On Comedy Central, there was just a robot in a skit talking about molestation. If an acupuncturist comes up, OMG.

Oh, interesting instead it is a guy in makeup.

Time for bed.

Glad coincidences are back and Im feeling a bit chipper! :)

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