Wayyy Back…to 2003

I was trying to find information I had on a website years ago, and was looking using the Wayback machine. Have you ever used it?
It helps you find content that isn't reachable on a site anymore. http://web.archive.org

Well, I can across this entry from July 2003 on my old website. I need to journal more. It is fun to remember things.

This was regarding swim training I was doing at Morraine St Park before my first triathlon. What a great year that had been. :)

July 5th, 2003

It really seemed like I would never get to enjoy the lake this weekend. Driving up for the second day in a row, again I watched as the raindrops started hitting my windshield.
The sky did not look nearly as dark and ominous as it did yesterday, when David thought we were about to drive into “humidity” and then we were overcome by the mother of all storms.
Once the sky had turned black as midnight, I knew I would not get my swim training in that day. I kept driving on, hoping it would pass. It did.

The sky remained cloudy, but the rain held off. I made it to the lake, felt strong vibes that I should lock the mountain bike I had on loan, until I made a decision to buy it, safely in the car.
The people that go to the lake seem nice enough, I just kept thinking how unfortunate it would be to have a bike stolen that wasn’t even mine yet.
I felt less comfortable leaving it by my blanket while swimming than I did leaving it on the roof.
Some people might not realize I do not have a locking roof rack, but still I put the bike in the trunk.

I stood at the top of the grassy hill that leads down to the lake. Bouys formed a rectangle in the water, about 30 yards out, and 125 yards wide.
The width was cut into two by another string of bouys. General swimming was allowed in the left square. Lap swimming was allowed in the lane that ran the length of the 125 yards, left to right.
I was hesitant to start the swim. The water was not too cold, but it was not an overly hot day, and I did not feel an immediate need to jump in. I took my time adjusting. Walking slowly until the water was at the top of my legs, then just hanging out. Finally I dove into the water. I could feel my anklet come off as I first kicked with my leg. Damn. I had bought that while shopping with Karen. I wish she had been here when I lost it. I  looked for a little while, and tried to get the help from a young boy. I asked him if he was good at finding things. I think I scared him. He just nodded a negative and went on his way.

I started doing freestyle, heading toward the lap lane. As soon as I put my face in the water, I was greeted with the familiar “wall of green”, that I had watched so much last year. I tried to stand at the edge of the lap lane, but the water was higher than I remembered. As I swam my first lap, I got back in to my groove of breathe, stroke, blow bubbles, stroke, breathe, stroke, blow bubbles. I replaced the wall of green with the images going through my head. Of the fireworks the previous night, of the gorgeous view from Mt Washington. Of our feeble attempts to find the “treasure” while geocaching yesterday. Every once in a while, my thoughts were interrupted by my arm hitting a buoy, and needing to stop to look and readjust my course.

Swimming in a straight line was never the easiest thing for me. I made it to the end of the roped off lane, and stood up. For some reason, this end of the lane was higher. I took a deep yoga breathe then started back. This time I was thinking of how nice it was to be able to do whatever I wanted for the day, without needing to answer to anyone. This thought was interrupted by me hitting my head on the unoccupied lifeguard chair. This was in the quadrant in which no one was allowed to swim. I was the only one swimming in the lap lane, I must have looked competent enough not to send someone out. Ha!

I continued swimming on and was almost back when I heard a lot of chaos. I stopped swimming and looked up to see I was the only one in the water. I listened as the lifeguard repeated that Pennsylvania Law required that everyone must stay out of the water for 20 minutes after the last sign of the storm was witnessed. I looked up and saw the dark skies. I ducked under the buoy rope, and headed to shore. Funny, I used to be terrified of storms, and now I looked forward to the beauty of them. Everyone was starting to clear the beach. The storm was not even going yet, just some dark skies and distant thunder. I layed on my blanket and caught my breath. I felt very at ease. I was able to get in at least the distance needed for next weeks triathlon.

I got into my car and drove to the park office. I picked up a map for mountain biking, and confirmed there is no bike trail from the South Shore, where the lap lane was, to the North shore for biking. I explained to the woman how it would be nice to have a swim lap lane on the same side of the lake as bike trails, so triathletes could do brick workouts. She gave me the address to write a letter.

I drove back to the lake and things were already clearing up. I tried to put in the location of the lake into my GPS, but it did not work. Evidently, it was not as waterproof as first thought. The trek through the woods yesterday must have killed it. I swam another lap in the lake and felt very good about the triathlon on Saturday. I decided to take another stab at the geocaching location near the dam. I drove the car to the North Shore and pulled into a parking lot. A lot of people were headed to a nearby pavilion, some type of family reunion or July 5th picnic. I took out the mountain bike. I didn’t have the water bottle cage connected. I also did not have the allen wrench to connect it. It would be a short trip. I had problems getting my front wheel on. The brakes were too tight for the tire to rotate. I tried jiggling things around, but nothing worked. Whenever Id attach the brakes, they would be so snug around the rim the wheel would not rotate.

I tried calling some people. I got through to Kevin and he suggested the nipple was moved too far over. Not sure exactly what fixed it. I jiggled some more and then things loosened up. My GPS was still messed up, so I decided to go by memory, luck and instinct. I took off on the bike and started playing with the gears. I road down a grassy path, staying in the tire tracks that had cut across a field. I could tell I was headed towards the dam. My cell phone started ringing. I answered it and it was David. I told him I was in sight of the dam we missed in the rain the day before. I pedaled on, and headed into the woods. I was about to wreck heading down a crazy trail so I got off the phone. I jumped a log. It reminded me of the mountain bike riding I did in Colorado. I made it to the site, and started looking around.

There was a big tree that was located off of the gravel trail in the middle of the weeds and woods. I had walked around the tree a few times in the rain thinking it HAD to be there. With the rain gone, I was able to see the tree was hollow and had sticks stacked to cover the hole. Inside I found the “hidden treasure”. A zip lock bag in the container held a log book and many little trinkets. I put my name in the log, and looked for something to take. I found the perfect item, a toy spin top with the words “Let Freedom Ring”. These words are in the Martina McBride song Independence Day. A staple karaoke song for Joanne, which we sang yesterday on our way to Kevin’s party.

I left a PNC bank carabiner that I picked up at an outdoors expo. It could be used as a keychain but is worthless for climbing. I got back on my bike after replacing the container and relaying the sticks. I headed down hill, not sure where I was going, especially since my GPS was hosed. I came to a paved area similar to a driveway. Strange to see in the middle of the woods. It was very clean. I could see ahead of me that ended in weeds, it looks as if there may be a trail. I road along the right side, trying to see if there was a trail. I knew Id have to turn or clip out if there wasn’t so I went slowly. I was watching out for the big rocks. Seeing there was no trail, I started to turn to the left. I never looked to what the road was like on that side. The next thing I knew, my wheel slipped out from under me and I skidded onto my side. I landed in a mud puddle.

My left side was covered, like I was dipped in chocolate fondue. I got up laughing hysterically. I tried to wipe off the mud as best I could. I headed back up the hill towards the car. I rode to the dock by the parking lot, and asked a guy in a boat if he thought I would get in trouble for getting in the lake. I knew the law had changed to allow swimming outside designated areas, but wanted to be sure. He was okay with having me strip down to my two piece in front of him. Who would have guessed!

I washed the mud off as best I could. Clumps were clinging in my hair. I noticed I had a nice scratch near my elbow. There were hundreds of tiny baby fish in the water by the boat ramp. They were completely unafraid which was good for them, since a big fish that would like to chow down on them would probably be afraid of the people. I walked barefoot back to the car as the band from the picnic was playing Smoke on the Water.

Another fitting moment, since I was playing the song on the new guitar I bought off of GA during her charity sale. As I was putting my bike up on the car, and Yes, it is my bike now, since I am definitely buying it!!!, I noticed people admiring the bike. It was a cool moment. With or Without you came on next, which was excellent. I always have liked this song, especially at times when I am single. I got in the car and in the rearview I could see I had totally missed my face which was still covered in mud. So much for thinking they were admiring my bike. J It was a great day.

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