What I found in my freezer

Was quite surprising.

Let me set the stage.

Im frantically busy working on a deadline, and have been sitting at my computer for hours at a time, and NOT looking at Facebook. Yeah!

Im drinking wonderful tea that I have been mixing myself from different herbs and teas.
NO caffeine, and yet Im a bit hyper when I get up to stretch.
Normally one of the dogs comes to nugde me that – hey – you need to give us water – or hey maybe you should feed us.

So, I got up and looked in the fridge for myself, and decided to cook up some thawed out chicken breast.
I may go vegetarian at some point, but not until my freezer is empty.
I looked in the freezer for some veggies, and in this container, presumably for ice cubes, I have bags of veggies. I decide to empty it out and remove it. At the bottom I find…

Some frozen green vegetal-looking material.
Now I have been to college, and my first thought was….weed? From where? From whom?
My boyfriend doesn’t partake, and I could not think of how it got there.
A minute later i realize it is frozen loose leaf spinach that is kind of bundled up.

Then Im surprised –  AGAIN – by what I see in the door of the freezer.

A cloth choker! How the heck did this end up in the freezer?

Looking forward to next week, new projects, and spreading some Karmoxie love.


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