What’s been going on lately:

Been hanging with my boyfriend – he's so cool. Don't tell him though, Mom says you aren't supposed to let a guy know you like him.

The dogs have been hanging out too. They are cute and getting better at going outside and not in the house.

Been supporting the efforts of www.BIZ4LOCALZ.com great networkin group if you want to meet leads, learn something, and get advertising

Launched www.elizabethklevens.com – she is a kick butt artist – check her out.

Been amused by the inability for Google Voice to transcribe well:

From a client: Hey Judy, This is popped into the sale starts with The parakeet. Hey this is just a business call it. Hey I. You know I'm just sitting down in doing of the web development question. Eric, I just want to make sure I'm gonna be probably able to latch onto that whole star domain weird. We talked about. I was just wondering, but we were able to actually connect with. Yeah if you want. Just give me a call back and leave a message, that's great. I will we actually do talking smack that's, that's even better so i just wanna find out what we were able to secure or if we did make a move to secure anything but alright. Hope to hear from you if I don't hear from you. Merry Christmas and we'll talk to you next week. Alright. Bye.

Working on a website for a client who is in the financial industry – very deep WordPress work. Lots of programming and database work. Excited about it.

Teaching wine classes and had a call to do a private event at a 50th birthday party in Mt Lebanon. Wow – what a great bunch of women to be surrounded by!

Getting ready for Frostburn www.FrostBurnPgh.com  – worked today with Adam and Teppy on building a geodesic dome. Looking forward to having friends come in for out of town for this one.

Enjoying tons of coincidences and fun freaky stuff. One of the biggest lately – I was talking to a new partner about a website – I said, I'll gladly pay you Friday for some programming today.
He is younger but got the popeye reference and we talked about Popeye. A day later – a fellow instructor in NYC showed me something on his screen – Google's logo was honoring Popeye. We had a meeting the next day with pizza – I didnt want any – but one had spinach on it and it tempted me. Then finally, I got back to Pittsburgh and was telling Adam about all the Popeye references. While watching Family Guy that night, the Popeye character came on, saying, I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. Wow. Good stuff.


Rock on.

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