That is the sound of time passing by.

I have been absorbed by getting Karmoxie and Grape Thoughts moving forward, and the last 3 years have flown by.

There have been highs, there have been lows.

Two of the lowest things are:

1. my good friend passed away two weeks ago in an accident. It was very sad, and I have been trying to spend 2011 catching up with friends, but Laura and I had not gotten to see each other in a good many months.  I was just thinking of trying to get together. From now on, no delays.

2. I gained 40 pounds. WTF? It almost seems overnight, but it really had taken some time. Breaking my ankle didnt help. I am on Day 7 in a row of workign out, and today I started the Smoothie Shakedown.  I have a wine tasting event Tuesday but will go light on it. I really like using Ann Louise Gittleman’s advice.  I think my liver is not healthy, so Im not only eating right, but detoxing, and trying to give it a break.

Anyway, as the 89 year old custodian of the Rachel Casron Homestead told me – you get one body and one mind, take care of them.

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